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The Smooth Move System | A Digital Tool Kit

The Smooth Move System | A Digital Tool Kit

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The Smooth Move System. Or, How to Move Without Losing Your Mind

Dreading your next move?

You're already busy juggling work and home and personal life. 

So how on earth are you going to deal with purging your clutter, finding a reliable mover, holding a moving sale, packing a mountain of boxes, and organizing a million more details?

Well, what if you could go from overwhelmed to organized in 5 simple steps?

Hi, I'm Sheila Martin ... writer, publisher, and lover of color-coded systems.

I actually get a kick out of the excitement of moving to a new home.

BUT … I was fed up with feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and CRAZY for weeks before and after the move!

So I created a simple, step-by-step system to keep myself organized and calm ... and the movers said: "Wow! I wish everyone was as organized as this."

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Sheila Martin and her dog, Teddy

What's in The System, Sheila?

* The Smooth Move System eBook (a 5-step plan to get you organized)

* 5 printable purging labels (so you can speed through your decluttering)

* 12 printable box labels (no more wondering what's in all those mystery boxes)

* 8 Room Labels (so the movers know exactly where each box goes)

* 15 printable planners and checklists

"Takes the stress out of moving..."

So comprehensive! You will never miss a thing using this guide to help you move. I will be using the checklists for when I move, and following many of the guidelines Sheila sets out.

I love her review of the software and suggestions for being more organised, not just useful for moving, but in general. You don't realise how much there is to think about until you see it all laid out!

Dakini Whispers

The Monster, a Really Big Moving Task Ideas List

The Monster Could Be Your Answer

If you're really in a hurry — or just don't like to read — head straight for The Monster: A Really Big Moving Task Ideas List.

It's a ready-made task list to get you started!

With this book she won't get overwhelmed!

Loved this book! I'm a 25 year old man, but my parents just bought a house and thought this would be perfect for my mother. She tends to get overwhelmed very easily. However, with this book she won't get overwhelmed.

I was also surprised to find out that a lot of what the author shared were things I can use since I plan on moving next month.

Michael Greggory

Step 1: Design Your System

In this step, you'll pick a Single Trusted System to collect all your moving-related tasks and deadlines:

The cork board system (no software required), beautiful mind-mapping software, a simple to-do list app, or my favorite project management software.

Whatever tool you choose will act as your Command Central before, during, and after the big move.

Step 2: Speed Through Your Tasks

By now, you'll have started to check out some of the printable planners and checklists and labels, to see which ones you'll find useful.

It’s amazing how many documents and pieces of paper will accumulate during a move. From contracts to receipts to brochures. 

In this step, you'll add all your important documents (and planning notes and box labels and more) into a single binder or portable file box that you always have nearby. 

You’ll be amazed at what a difference this simple strategy makes.

Step 3: Purge + Pack Like a Pro

So, are you starting to feel anxious about all that packing ahead of you? 

Well, in this step, we’re going to look at some tools and techniques for better packing and for reducing what you must pack, by carefully purging some of your “stuff.”

And if you plan to hold a moving sale, you’ll find lots of tips here.

Step 4: Survive Moving Day

You've done some awesome preparation. Now it's time to take charge on the toughest day of all!

* How to Find the Right Movers ... and the most important question to ask them

* What to Pack in Your Car ... and what not to

* Strategies for your Final Packing + Cleaning

* Your Departure Day Plan + Walk-Throughs

* Your Arrival Survival Plan

* How to Minimize U.O.S. (Unpacking Overwhelm Syndrome)

Step 5: Settling into Your New Home

Hurray! You made it! Your new life is about to begin. In this short step you'll find:

* Your Unpacking System

* Thundershirt to the Rescue (for anxious pets and kids)

* Tips & Suggestions for Getting Comfortable in the New Place

* An Invitation from Sheila

* An Old Irish Blessing

"Easy, Realistic Guidelines for an Uncomplicated Move"

It would have been absolutely awesome to have had this before my
last move.

The author takes us through a step-by-step program for a successful, less complicated and less stressful move from first visualizing just how we would like our move to be, to planning our move using the help of a binder and some efficient software, to purging and packing (with a terrific garage sale plan) and then to the final steps when we reach our new home.

Her system seems like a creative, easy, realistic and just a darn-right
common-sense approach to something we all hate facing.

If you are planning a move in the near or distant future, this is the book for
you. I look forward to using her system and her easy checklists for my next move.

S. Joines