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How to Write a Eulogy to Remember | A Digital Tool Kit

How to Write a Eulogy to Remember | A Digital Tool Kit

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You're reeling from the news of the death …

And you've been asked to give a eulogy …

Can you find the right words?

If you're like most people, you're feeling that this is the hardest speech you'll ever write. So, it's normal to feel anxious and stressed. 

I know what you're going through. I was honored when my brother-in-law asked me to give the eulogy for my sister, Toni … and yet so afraid I wouldn't do a good job.

So, I drew upon my years of experience as a professional writer facing deadlines and took some simple steps to get started (which I'll be teaching you in this eBook).

The words began to come to me. It was almost like taking dictation. 

And on the day of the funeral, as I stood up to speak the words I'd written, I felt such a sense of peace and love for my sister. Afterwards, so many people asked for a copy of the eulogy and gave me heartfelt hugs.

I will be forever thankful that I broke through my fears that day.

Since Toni's funeral, I've written and delivered eulogies for my cousin Bob, my uncle Allan, my dad, and several friends.

And for a while I offered a eulogy-writing service, which gave me the opportunity to ghost-write eulogies for people all over North America.

Now I've gathered my best advice into this easy-to-follow plan, with 5 simple steps … from how to gather your "building blocks" to how to rehearse your delivery.

Once you know what to do — and in what order — you can begin to relax, and your words will start to flow.

Would it help you to model eulogies others have written?

You'll get 15 eulogies (written by me and some of my customers) for inspiration.

Are you afraid your voice will break when you stand up to speak?

See the section "Deliver Your Eulogy with Confidence" for simple, practical tips to relax you.

Are you really stuck, and running out of time?

Head straight to my template — "The Emergency Instant Eulogy Writer"— and create a simple eulogy just by filling in the blanks.

You'll be glad you got this eBook now, because you'll find it easier to write the eulogy, you'll lessen your anxiety, and you'll feel more confident delivering the eulogy.

Includes two calming audio meditations

You'll also get two downloadable meditations:

  • Preparing to Write (7 minutes)
  • Preparing to Speak (2.5 minutes)

Both include soothing background music, to help you relax.

You'll get your eBook and Meditations within minutes

The eBook and meditations are not physical products, but instant downloads, so nothing will be mailed to you. Once you purchase, you'll receive an email with a link to your downloads.

You can read the EPUB version (a reflowable version, ideal for reading on your mobile devices) or the PDF version (for reading on a computer or for printing).

Questions about downloading or printing? Just let me know and I'll be happy to help.

What readers are saying...

“your ebook is beautiful ”

“sheila, your ebook is beautiful. whether i speak or not at marian's service tomorrow night, your little gem made me feel relaxed and more confident. this is a tough time, and your loving words alone were comforting. thank you. i appreciate you.


Joe Vitale,

(Joe did speak at Marion's service, and his remembrance of her is included in A Eulogy to Remember)

“I felt so incredible ....”

“Your ebook about writing eulogies was a huge help to me. I used it more for how to prepare to write it, but I just wrote from my heart and didn't follow any format. I also loved what you wrote about relaxing during the ceremony, deep breathing, etc.; I really needed to follow that advice because I was so nervous!

I had a copy of your ebook with me at all times that weekend; I had it bound at Kinko's with a plastic cover and double sided so it was beautiful....

Afterwards, everyone wanted a copy or asked me to email it to them. I had brought a few extra copies and people were passing them around at the wake! It was overwhelming really, but I felt so incredible that I could actually do something to comfort people during such a sad time.

Thank you so much for your help Sheila; I couldn't have done it without you! Sincerely,

Rosemary Barber,
Pittsburgh, PA ”

“I was actually able to sleep last night ....”

“Thanks, Sheila. It's a beautiful book and very thought provoking. Your book has already helped me to relax immensely. I was actually able to sleep last night when I couldn't the night before....

Your book gave me the courage to be free spirited and compassionate in my memories of my very good friend.”

Greig R. Thomson
High School Counselor
Batesville Indiana

“it is truly a gift ....”

“I can tell that this book came from your heart, and I appreciate the follow up....

As I worked on the eulogy I felt like you were right there with me. Thank you for putting so much of yourself into the book. It is truly a gift to all of us who are struggling with this process.”

Bob Wangerien,
Turlock, CA”

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