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I often receive heartfelt letters of thanks from customers. Here is just a small sample of those emails. (A big Thank You to all who have written.)


“2 eulogies already....”

“I've had to give 2 eulogies already, the past year, & what a blessing the eBook was. Again, thanks.”

Harriet Perfitt,
 Arnprior, ON


“the best eulogy they had ever heard...”

“I never could have written this without your help.... The book was great.  It really helped me to organize my thoughts at a difficult time.  I came up with a great theme.  Many people at the funeral told me it was the best eulogy they had ever heard.”

Joy Durham, architect, Ann Arbor, MI

“Your book helped me so much...”

“Sheila, I have to tell you I wrote the most wonderful Eulogy to my dear friend of 20 years. I didn't think I could read it, let alone write it. Your book helped me so much, I really do appreciate it.... I received so many comments and best of all I felt so good to be able to honor such a special friend.”

Nancy Miller, Secretary/Bookkeeper
, Westville, NJ

“It is a bargain...”

“Sheila, It is kind of you to inquire as to whether I had any problems downloading your book. Everything went smoothly and I have printed out a copy which I intend to peruse with great care. My initial impression from a quick scan is that it is a bargain at your price!!”

Jack Tumlinson,
 Alexandria, VA

“I had no idea what to write....”

“Sheila, I never do this, but I just wanted to thank you. I had a day to get a Eulogy together for my Dad. I had never heard one, and had no idea what to write. In a couple of hours, I had written a Eulogy for my Dad that I was proud of. I made them laugh, and cry. I was barely able to finish reading it, but I did. Again Thanks.”

Brian Biviano, Orlando, Florida

“It was what got me started...”

“I used some of your material directly as it seemed so fitting to my Dad.... I would highly recommended your book. For me it was what got me started. Sometimes for people wanting to write something, that's the hardest part...getting started. Your information made something possible for me that might, otherwise, never have been done. ... It was the most wonderful gift I could have ever given my Dad. Thank you.”

Sharon B. Merrell,
 Volunteer Coordinator
, George Bush Presidential Library

“extremely helpful...”

“Thank you for your wonderful book on helping folks prepare Eulogies; although accustomed to giving presentations, I found going through the chapters extremely helpful in laying out the task that lay before me. In doing so, I was better able to pace myself within the available time frame. I’ve attached the resultant eulogy I was able to prepare for my father in law; I’m sure it turned out to be a better product because of your help, and I thank you for that.”

Romanus Berg, Director of Information Technology, Oceana, Washington, DC

“help in organizing my thoughts...”

“I want to sincerely thank you.... The Eulogy was very well received and this was in no small part due to the help that I received from your book in organizing my thoughts.”

Dr. Raj Singh, Unionville, Ontario

 “... by far the hardest writing assignment I've had to undertake...”

“The eulogy went very well, thanks in no small part to your book. Many people came up later and told me how beautifully done they thought it was and several requested copies for their memory books. I am actually a writer by profession, and though I have a published novel as well as articles in the public domain, this was by far the hardest writing assignment I've had to undertake. I think just having your book there to guide me really calmed me down, allowed me to focus and say what I needed to say and pay my grandmother the proper respect. Thanks so much -- it's a great service you provide.

Cindy Brandner, Quesnel, BC

“I was able to control my emotions...”

“(My Mom) was an incredible lady and I was just praying that I could do justice to her memory.... I can't tell you what a great help your publication was in helping me to write a tribute to my Mom. As you know, it is a very stressful time and I don't think I could have done it without the help of your book. It not only helped me with the writing, but also with the delivery.  I was able to control my emotions (which is very hard for me to do), and followed all of your suggestions for staying calm during her funeral service. I can't thank you enough for writing this wonderful book that has helped so many families.”

Irene Bissell, Ocean Park, BC

“In moments of panic, it is ever so helpful....”

“Once I started writing, it kind of became fairly easy after 2 days of worrying, how am I going to do this ... and yes, I received many comments from my family, friends of Nanna's and the family, and also the priest, who is virtually part of the family and knows my Nanna -- he said, 'You captured your Nanna perfectly.' Thank you very much for this service you are providing ... In moments of panic, it is ever so helpful ... Thank you also for your follow-up email. It helped to know someone was there to help if needed.”

Leanne Potter, Perth, Australia

“I know my uncle was proud ....”

“The book was tremendously helpful. Thank you so very much. The eulogy was absolutely beautiful and I had so many people make fabulous remarks about it! I know my uncle was proud!!”

Amanda Hanson, North Attleboro, MA


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