This Simple Idea Will Really Help Your Employees

Each year about 10% of your people will move to a new home

Did you know that moving house is ranked by many experts as life's third biggest stressor? They say it's almost as tough as the death of a loved one or a divorce.

The stress lasts for several months, and seriously affects both productivity and mental health.

So, giving your employees practical tools to get them through a big move will potentially:

  • increase their focus and productivity at work
  • build loyalty (and thus improve retention rates)
  • attract new talent to your company (when your people brag about the kind of benefits they get from you!)

This video describes one option. (It talks about Canadian companies, but we can of course deliver this service worldwide.)

You can also check out the product page for the generic (not customized) version of The Smooth Move System.

We can offer the same service to help with eulogy-writing. Have a look at our digital kit How to Write a Eulogy to Remember.

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